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About Dr. De Donato


Dr. De Donato is a Certified Classical Homeopath and a Certified and Registered Traditional Naturopath, Nutritional Consultant and Master Herbalist. She holds a Bachelor, a Master and a Doctoral degree in Holistic Health and is an active member of the following organizations:


Texas Society of Homeopathy (TSH)

National Registry of Naturopathic Practitioners (NRNP)

American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB)

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)


Dr. De Donato first approach to homeopathy took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s through Prof. Dr. Antonio Santini, an Italian physician who disappointed with the results of mainstream medicine and pharmacology had abandoned the practice of conventional medicine to dedicate the rest of his life to homeopathy. He ended up founding The Center of Homeopathic Medicine “C. S. Hahnemann” and later on also the Institute of Homeopathic Studies”, both located in Rome. Prof. Santini was absolutely inspirational to Dr. De Donato. His inquisitive and pragmatic mind, the specific questions he would ask during a session and the explanation about the importance of identifying the root cause of any health condition along with the mental, emotional and psychological state accompanying it, and the importance of acknowledging symptoms and diseases as part of our alarm and self-defense mechanism rather than as enemies were paramount to understand not only that it is fundamental to approach health from a holistic perspective but also that symptoms and diseases do serve a specific purpose and that true health cannot take place by suppressing symptoms but rather and only by removing the real, underlying cause that created the problem in the first place.


Dr. De Donato practices Classical Homeopathy as she learned first hand more than three decades ago and is particular inspired by the works and approach to homeopathy of Prof. Dr. George Vithoulkas whose teachings she applies in her own practice.


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Dr. De Donato's Philosophy

As a Classical Homeopath Dr. De Donato follows the rules and principles of homeopathy established by Dr. Hanehmann more than 200 years ago.  She takes in great account the mind-body-spirit components, identifies the Constitutional type of each individual and matches it with the proper remedy. Her practice takes place via online conferences after the client has contacted her first via email to schedule a 15 minute FREE Skype consultation (dedoholistic), made the payment via PayPal, received and filled in a detailed questionnaire and sent it back to her. For more information, you can contact her at

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